Spend your time with others, laughing, smiling, and having fun, instead of swatting pesky mosquitoes. 

The active ingredients in our insecticides are called pyrethrins, which are derived from the extract of a certain variety of chrysanthemum flowers. We also offer a 100% all natural treatment.

Don't let your family & friends be interrupted by unwanted guests. Call us & we will treat your area apprx 48 hrs prior to your next special event.

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We at Mosquito Control of N.C. believe that providing our customers with prompt, reliable, effective and affordable services is the key to retaining our customers for many years to come. We provide you with one of the best applications available today to ensure the protection of your family, pets and the environment. We are parents and pet owners as well, and are continuously researching upcoming developments in order to protect you & your family from mosquitoes and other insects.

All chemicals that we use are EPA approved. We use a reproduction of a completely biodegradable substance which is derived from the extract of the African chrysanthemum flower.

This substance is a gentler concentration of the active ingredient found in many common household flea and tick pet shampoos, sprays, insect foggers and aerosols.  It also happens to be the same important ingredient that is found in many children's shampoos for treating lice.  Furthermore, it is also approved for use in food preparation areas as well as on fruits and vegetables in route to the market. We also offer a 100% all natural treatment as well! Our application is diluted in water.  

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Entertain your family & friends in a mosquito free environment with our proven barrier spray application.

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LET US HELP YOU protect your family, friends
and pets from ZIKA, CHIKUNGUNA, MALARIARMSF, west nile, Viral  encephalitis, lyme disease  & OTHER MOSQUITO & TICK BORNE DISEASES