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Our Story

LET US help YOU reclaim your backyard & outdoor living SPACE!

Mosquito Control of N.C.'s founder, Russ Porter, has always had a passion for outdoor activities, but like many, he was affected by pesky mosquitoes. He discovered a method of controlling these annoying pests, and decided to put it to the test in his own backyard.  Many days later, while lying in the hammock at the edge of his pond, he fully anticipated being bitten.  Much to his surprise, he didn't feel or see a mosquito! 

Russ and his family were so amazed by the results of the treatment that he began to research the possibility of  starting his own mosquito control business. Pursuing this career change, he became licensed and certified by the State of North Carolina. Russ is confident that the service Mosquito Control of N.C. provides will enhance his clients' enjoyment of their time spent together outdoors!  

From the smallest backyard project or cookout to the extravagant outdoor wedding venue, our goal is to provide a mosquito free environment, using one of the most affordable, reliable, and effective mosquito treatment services available today.

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