Most mosquito problems start in your local environment

*   Mosquitoes are responsible for more deaths throughout the world than any other living creature.
*  Only female mosquitoes bite, and all mosquitoes live on the sugar found in plant nectar, not on blood. But there is a reason females seek blood. Female mosquitoes, unlike males, have a proboscis. This is a long thin needle-like built-in syringe located at the mouth. They use this to impale their victims, in order to fill their abdomens with blood. Proteins in the blood are necessary to produce fertile eggs. Since males cannot produce eggs they have no need for blood. Females require a new blood (meal) for every nest they lay, and produce about  250 - 300 eggs per meal.

*  Mosquitoes locate their blood hosts through scent, sight and heat. They can detect our scent, especially the carbon dioxide we are exhaling, from up to 100 feet (30 meters) away.  They can see you at a distance of about 30 feet (10 meters).

* Mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors but not reds and yellows.  Use dim lights in the evening rather than bright lights.

* Bug zappers kill very few mosquitoes, but kill numerous beneficial insects.

* Mosquitoes can lay their eggs in a thimble full of water or the dew created in the leaves of a magnolia tree.

*  Mosquitoes are not capable of spreading AIDS.  Because HIV does not multiply nor survive in the mosquito, it will not "leak" into any of the body fluids and will only stay in the blood meal and in the digestive channel of the mosquito.

*  Studies have shown that while bats and birds consume a large number of insects, mosquitoes are a very small proportion of their diet. 

*  The itch of a mosquito bite is due to a anticoagulant (anti-clotting chemical) the female injects to keep the victims blood flowing.

      Mosquito Facts

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